Friday 27 January 2017

How to Run Android Apps on Your Desktop

If there’s an Android application you really love and wish you could run on your computer, now you can: there’s a dead simple way to run Android apps on your PC or Mac without fuss

What Is BlueStacks?

Let’s say there’s a mobile game you really love and want to play it on your PC with a bigger screen and a more comfortable interface. Or maybe you’ve grown used to a certain Android app for managing your to-do list or calendar. BlueStacks is essentially a self-contained virtual machine designed to run Android on a Windows or Mac computer. It comes with the Play Store pre-installed, and you can go from zero to running your favorite apps in a matter of minutes.

The entire experience is incredibly smooth on modern hardware (BlueStacks has been around for years and what was originally a pretty rocky alpha-software experience is now quite polished) and even things that previously didn’t works so well (like access to the host computer’s web cam or issues with applications that require GPS data) now work surprisingly well.

There are only two small quirks. First, the current version of BlueStacks only runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat, so if you need something newer than that, you’ll need to install the Android SDK instead. Second, multitouch is missing, unless you’re using BlueStacks on a computer with a touch screen monitor. If you are, you can use multi-touch, but otherwise you’re out of luck if the app you’re using requires it.

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