About Us


We consider our location to be your location; we are virtually or physically with you, for you!

SciCane established in 2005, is employing skilful hi-tech staff with experience and expertise going back several years! 

You can reach us either by phone at 7000 6670 or email at info@scicane.com

In the competitive today's world, companies are always searching for ways to provide the best services while keeping overhead costs low. SciCane Ltd. is dedicated in providing the quality support you are seeking in such professionalism that hiring an in-house support staff is not required.

Quality Engineering Services:

Quality is one of the most crucial factors determining the success or failure of a business. Poor IT support either in-house or outsourced can seriously affect the business in terms of Cost and Efficiency, as there is considerable expenditure of time and money involved in fixing errors which will lead to downtime, frustration - and lost revenue. On the other hand receiving services from SciCane can prove to be an asset for the organization and can increase the overall efficiency and productivity at a fractional cost

IT and Network Consulting - Our Expertise:

The SciCane team is composed of experienced engineers and technicians with areas of expertise ranging from LAN/WAN design, to network security, to business process development and technology implementation. Our engineers routinely handle:

  • Network Services, Systems Management and Information Security
  • Network/Internet connectivity. WAN/LAN areas
  • Database, Email, Firewall Servers etc. (Windows or Linux platforms)
  • Server installation and configuration
  • Onsite server support (upgrades, security patches, migrations)
  • Remote management and administration
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Infrastructure Switching and Routing
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • 24x7 Monitoring and support
  • IT Consulting helping you to get to the best solution your budget can afford.
  • Hardware purchases at the lowest prices in the local market
  • Training and assistance in Microsoft Office products – get more out of the tools you use.
  • Domains' registration
  • Web Presence; helping you getting your company online or doing it for you.
  • Email services based on your own domain
  • Network security from intruders, viruses, spyware etc. Intrusion Detection

Our team of skilled engineers are experienced in many areas of IT. From supporting your network to dealing with server or hardware issues, we can deliver a speedy resolution to any IT problem or advise and help you find the solution for any kind of engineering need.
We tailor each contract to your specific business needs. Whether you want to have an 'on-call' service or prefer an ongoing maintenance contract is up to you. We have a regularly scheduled site visit by an engineer to monitor the normal operation of your network. 
However the contract is worked out, you can always be sure that the skills you need will be available when you need them.

Contact us for setting up a visit at your office – We will be happy to give you further information and discuss the needs of your company with no commitment for cooperation. However we in SciCane believe that above all, the human contact counts the most and this is how we treat every customer: We are here to do your job as if it was our company because we care for you.