Saturday 12 August 2017

Solar panel grids next victim of attack?

Image result for solar panel pictureHackers could exploit a recently discovered flaw in solar panels to overload energy grids and create power cuts, according to new research.

Recently discovered 17 vulnerabilities in solar power inverters - hardware used to convert the energy gathered into electricity for the main grid. The inverters, many of which are internet-connected, could be targeted by hackers, allowing them to remotely control the flow of power, according to the research.

Westerhof a Dutch researcher, first discovered the vulnerabilities when working on an undergraduate dissertation, and explained his further research at a security conference in the Netherlands on Monday. The full details of the hack have not been released in an effort to prevent malicious attacks.

 A UK government report published yesterday proposed huge fines for companies managing essential infrastructure, if their cyber security is found lacking. Under the Network and Information Systems directive (NIS), failure to implement adequate cyber security measures to thwart hacking attempts would result in fines of up to £17 million, or 4% of a company's global turnover.

Further info & source: ITPro