Wednesday 15 June 2016

Cloning of contactless cards device?

New Device Sold on the Dark Web Can Clone Up to 15 Contactless Cards per Second

A criminal group going under the name of The CC Buddies is selling a hi-tech device on the Dark Web that's capable of copying details from contactless debit cards if held as close as eight centimeters away from a victim's card.
CC Buddies claim that their device, named Contactless Infusion X5, can copy up to 15 bank cards per second, something that may come in handy if a crook is going through a crowd at a concert or through a jammed subway car.
X5 targets RFID-enabled contactless debit cards
X5 is designed to copy data from the radio chip embedded in modern RFID contactless bank cards. This data is stored on X5's internal storage system, and thieves can connect the device to their PC using USB cables and transfer it using special software, also supplied by CC Buddies.
The device can collect data such as the card's number and expiration date. If the debit card's RFID chip stores information such as the card holder’s name, home address, and a mini statement, X5 can steal it as well.
When it copies credit card numbers, X5 encrypts the data. The software provided by CC Buddies will allow the crooks to decrypt and download the stolen information from their X5 device to a Windows (XP or higher) PC, and start creating fake debit cards using blank plastic cards.
X5 costs around $800 and comes with blank plastic cards
Crooks can get their hands on an X5 device for only 1.2 Bitcoin (~$825). CC Buddies says they ship devices via mail, and each buyer will receive the X5 device, a USB cable for charging and data transfers, and 20 blank cards.

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